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Industry Leading manufacturing of Online Yarn Tension Monitoring System (YTMS). The Hitech YTMS is a complete package of high accuracy tension sensors, electronics, and software to capture and analyze yarn quality and plant performance. HITECH GROUP YTMS is integral tool for analysing yarn/machine/raw material and operational faults in DTY process.Yarn quality is continuously monitored and checked from start of package to end. Industry Leading manufacturing of
Online Yarn Tension Monitoring System (YTMS).
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Brief history

Founded by Late Shri K. C. Patel in 1988 with a vision to make India DTY industry self reliant, Hitech initially was engaged in manufacturing of Oil drives and Non-Contract Yarn Detectors (NCD)...

Vision of Our Founder

K.C.Patel (1955 - 2007) Customers Should be able to produce "Perfect Yarn" (using Hitech Products and Solutions) He Always believed in the idea of "Self-reliant nation" and set the base of a deep tech company. Even today, his vision is a guiding light at Hitech and many individuals who had a chance to work with him". in 1993, Hitech developed Online Yarn Tension Monitoring System (YTMS) Our initial installation are more than 20 years old.


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